As a family run business with a reputation for quality hairdressing in Lindfield, we are passionate about hair. We strive to offer the best to our clients with a talented team and extra special hairdressing service.

Starting with an in depth consultation, we will discuss your hair type, desired look, how you usually style your hair and the lifestyle you lead. Our aim is to help you look good all the time, not just when you leave the hair salon. That’s why we will show you how to look after and style your hair so you can recreate the same hair salon look at home.

To keep our exceptional standards, ongoing training for our stylists is essential. With fashions changing all the time, we always keep up with new trends to offer our clients the latest celebrity looks and colours.

When Joan Denziloe opened her hair salon on the 16th November 1964 in Lindfield, she could never have suspected that her grand-daughter Maria would be repeating history on the very same day 45 years later.

But that is exactly what happened and – since 16th November 2009 – the Denziloe name is once again gracing the hair salon at 77 High Street.

Having inherited Joan’s passion for hairdressing, Maria has worked hard to give the hair salon a contemporary look whilst retaining a sense of the past – and what has been achieved is impressive. Joan herself is delighted that Maria has taken over and is thrilled to see Denziloe revived and ready to design hair for the 21st century.